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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Changes in (A) body mass, (B) body temperature, (C) mean heart rate (the first and second half of Con vs. CWI), (D) maximum heart rate, (E) total heart rate, (F) total distance covered, (G) cumulative distance, and (H) sectional distance following CWI and Con. (A, B) Significant difference to 0-min (main effect of time, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001), to P45-min (†††p<0.001), and to P90-min (‡‡‡p<0.001). Significantly different from Con (main effect of group, §p<0.05, §§p<0.01, §§§p<0.001). (C, D) Significant difference to the first-half 15-min (*p<0.05). (H) Significant difference to 0–15 min (*p<0.05), ∼60 min (p<0.01). Values are presented as mean (standard deviation). Con: control group, CWI: cold water immersion group, 0-min: before soccer match was kicked off, P45-min: immediately after the end of the first half during soccer match, half time: 15-minute break time between the first half and the second half during soccer match, P90-min: immediately after the end of the second half during soccer match.
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