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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Summary of reports on infrapatellar fat pad injury

Study Age (yr)/sex Athlete Injury mechanism Symptom and sign Treatment Return to sports
Yi et al. (2021)3 24/male ND Contusion in the kneeling position Tenderness from patellar inferior pole to proximal tibia, flexion limitation (30°), valgus instability (first degree injury) Conservative ND (recovery to full ROM and full weight-bearing ambulation at posttraumatic 8 wk)
Mathieu et al. (2016)7 50/male Amateur weight-lifter Hyperflexion from a fall Anterolateral pain, pain on walking and going stairs, solid mass-like lesion Open excision Biking and swimming 3 mo after surgery
Current study 28/male Professional football player Hyperflexion with external rotation of the lower limb Anterolateral tenderness, limping gait Conservative Professional football match at post-traumatic 6 wk

ND: no description, ROM: range of motion.

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