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Korean J Sports Med 2023;41:63-110
Clinical Articles
Preseason Assessment for Throwing Shoulders in Korean Professional Baseball League Pitchers and Factors Affecting Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Shoulder and Elbow Scores
Joo Han Oh, Joon Yub Kim, Young Kyu Kim, Yong Il Kim
Korean J Sports Med 2023 Jun; 41(2):63-72
Effects of 6-Week Dynamic and Static Neuromuscular Training Program on Postural Stability Control of High School Taekwondo Athletes
Hyung Ju Lim, Heeseong Jeong, Inje Lee, Hyung Gyu Jeon, Sae Yong Lee
Korean J Sports Med 2023 Jun; 41(2):73-82
Survey and Sonographic Evaluation of Shoulder Musculoskeletal Pain in Korean Junior Elite Tennis Players: A Pilot Study
Hyeongwoo Park, Seokjoon Hong, Byungju Ryu
Korean J Sports Med 2023 Jun; 41(2):83-9
The Effect of Intermittent Resistance Activity for Interrupting Prolonged Sitting on Vascular Function and Postprandial Metabolism after a High-fat Meal
Min Jeong Cho, Yong Joon Jung, Yun Wook Kim, Tae Gu Choi, Jae Yeop Kim, Hyun Jeong Kim, Sae Young Jae
Korean J Sports Med 2023 Jun; 41(2):90-9
Acute Effects of Virtual Reality Exergame on Vascular Function in Children and Adolescents with Congenital Heart Disease: A Single-Arm Trial
Tae Gu Choi, Hyun Jeong Kim, Min Jeong Cho, Jae Yeop Kim, Yong Joon Jung, Sae Young Jae
Korean J Sports Med 2023 Jun; 41(2):100-6
Short Communication
Exercise Capacity and Pulmonary Capacitance Are Attenuated in Patients with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
Joshua Donkor, Alex R. Carlson, Briana L. Ziegler, Jessica I. Johnston, Jinkyung Cho, Bruce D. Johnson, Chul-Ho Kim
Korean J Sports Med 2023 Jun; 41(2):107-10