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Korean J Sports Med 2024;42:1-58
Clinical Articles
Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Exercise for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Injuries in Soldiers
Hoyong Sung, Geon Hui Kim, On Lee, Jaewoo Kim, Kyoung Bae Kim, Hyo Youl Moon, Yeon Soo Kim
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Mar; 42(1):1-11
Impact of Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies on Gross Motor Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Prospective Case Series
Su Jong Lee, So Young Lee, Jun Hwan Choi, Mina Seok, Sung Wook Song, Hyun Jung Lee
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Mar; 42(1):12-22
Aerobic Capacity and Obesity Ratio of Korea Firefighters by Job Duties: Implications for Fitness Management
Ji-Been Kim, Min-Geon Je, Chae-Been Kim, Jung-Jun Park, Hyun-Joo Kang, Wook Song, Chung-Gun Lee, Yeon-Soon Ahn, Han-Joon Lee, Dong-Il Seo
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Mar; 42(1):23-30
Joint Association of Hard of Hearing and Handgrip Strength with Falls in the Older Adults: A Cross-sectional Analysis of Data from the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging
Xiaonan Ma, Soomin Lee, Yeon Soo Kim
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Mar; 42(1):31-7
Effects of Isometric Handgrip Exercise on Carotid Arterial Function and Cardiovascular Vasoreactivity Response to Sympathetic Stress in Young Adults
Yun Wook Kim, Joon Youp Seong, Ho Jeong Min, Tae Gu Choi, Yong Joon Jung, Min Jeong Cho, Hyun Jeong Kim, Sae Young Jae
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Mar; 42(1):38-45
Association of Changes in Sitting Time with the Risk of Developing Diabetes: A Community-Based Cohort Study
DooYong Park, Yeon Soo Kim, EunKyung Kim
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Mar; 42(1):46-54
Case Report
Regeneration of Acromion Osteolysis after Hook Plate Fixation for Distal Clavicle Fracture: A Case Report
Joong-Bae Seo, Soonmin Kwon, Jae-Sung Yoo
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Mar; 42(1):55-8