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Korean J Sports Med 2024;42:67-156
Review Articles
Functional Recovery Program before and after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Current Concepts Review
Seung Ik Cho, Sang Jin Yang, Byeong Sun Park, Doo Hwan Kong, Jung Wook Lee, D hong Won Lee
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Jun; 42(2):67-85
Utilizing Pilates to Improve Respiratory Function in Breast Cancer Survivors
Sujin Park, Kyung Eun Nam, Kyuwan Lee
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Jun; 42(2):86-98
Clinical Articles
Infectious Skin Diseases of Korean National Wrestlers: A Cross-sectional Observational Study
Yunjo Choung, Bumjo Oh, Jongseung Kim, Jung-sun Lim, Sujeong Han, Eunyoung Shin, Jungjoong Yoon, Moonjung Bae, Jeh-Kwang Ryu
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Jun; 42(2):99-104
Severe Injuries in Elite Korean Male Wrestlers: A Comparison Study between Wrestling Styles
Sangcheol Yoo, Sewoon Yoon, Munku Song
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Jun; 42(2):105-12
Alternative Technique Using Opencast for Early Return to Play after Operation in Patients with Bony Mallet Finger by Sports Injury: A Retrospective Study in a Tertiary Hospital in South Korea
Kyung Ho Lee, Sung Yoon Jung, Ji Woong Kim
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Jun; 42(2):113-8
Treatment of Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability: A Modified Broström Technique Using All-Suture Anchor
Sungjoon Lim, Nam Jun Baek, Geon Jung Kim
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Jun; 42(2):119-25
Associations of Step Volume and Intensity with Metabolic Syndrome among Korean Adults: A Cross-sectional Observational Study
Yeon Soo Kim, Geonhui Kim, Hoyong Sung, Byung-Cheol Kim, Jeh-Kwang Ryu, Sowon Hahn
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Jun; 42(2):126-35
Effects of Short-term Repeated Sprint Exercise Training and Moderate Intensity Continuous Exercise Training on Vascular Function in Healthy Young Adults
Hye Rim Hong, Ye Ji Choi, Tae Gu Choi, Jae Yeop Kim, Yun Wook Kim, Yong Joon Jung, Min Jeong Cho, Hyun Jeong Kim, Sae Young Jae
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Jun; 42(2):136-44
The Association between the Type and Level of Physical Activity and Metabolic Syndrome in Korean Adults Aged 40 Years and over: Results from the Eighth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2019–2021)
Namkuk Son
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Jun; 42(2):145-53
Case Report
Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome in a Professional Rugby Player: A Case Report
Yong Kyun Kim, Je Cheon Seong
Korean J Sports Med 2024 Jun; 42(2):154-6